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Supplements of electrolytes can be good when you lose a lot of water from the body, e.g. during long sports sessions, sauna bathing, hot summer days or when you sweat. It is also good when you have temporary problems with your stomach and have lost fluid that way. Our electrolyte powder is also excellent for supporting the increased need for electrolytes in the ketogenic diet.


In addition to the most important electrolytes, the product also contains Guerande sea salt, vitamin C and organic sulfur (OptiMSM). Pureness electrolyte powder is developed and manufactured in Finland. Practical measuring spoon included. Each dose (5 g) contains only 0.8 g of carbohydrates. Completely lactose-free, milk-free, gluten-free and without fillers.


Electrolyte powder Neutral

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  • Discover a sugar-free and tasty electrolyte powder, which can help maintain the balance of the necessary electrolytes in our body. The electrolyte powder acts as a liquid substitute.

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