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Infraröd bastu healbox

Infrared works by emitting electromagnetic wavelengths that are invisible to the naked eye. The wavelengths penetrate the skin and soft tissue, heating the body from the inside, out. The healing rays are absorbed by our bodies to help them relax, improve circulation, improve heart health, boost weight loss, recover faster, sleep better, detox, and age well.

Being an infrared sauna studio - infrared sauna therapy is our signature treatment at Healbox. We’ve taken sauna therapy to the next level with NASA-inspired, near infrared LEDs, and preset wellness programs for detoxification, cardio, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss, and anti-aging.

health is hot, literally.


the infrared sauna.

The primary difference between infrared saunas and traditional saunas is how they produce and use heat. Traditional saunas work by heating the air around you, whereas our Sunlighten full-spectrum infrared saunas with near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths use advanced light therapy to promote heat generation from within the body, resulting in a deeper sweat and at a lower temperature.


In a nutshell, the various infrared wavelengths precisely target health goals by offering a wide range of benefits.


In addition to the relaxation benefits of a traditional sauna, you experience increased health benefits that infrared offers, all at a much more comfortable temperature. We recommend sweating 3-4/week for optimal benefits.

Experience the Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy




Muscle recover

Skin rejuvenation


Immune system function


Heart health


Aches & Pain


Weight loss



Every sauna is equipped with chromotherapy to balance the body’s energy wherever it is lacking. Chromotherapy sauna benefits include physical, emotional, and mental healing. Color therapy works on various energy points to help balance your body via the full spectrum of visible light, each color addressing a distinct need.

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