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Collagen Premium+ is used in any liquid, such as smoothies, juice, water, coffee, tea or on porridge, muesli, yogurt or for baking. 


How long should you use Collagen Premium+?

Many experience a normalization of the skin and increased moisture already after 3-4 weeks. However, the recommended period of use is at least 8-12 weeks. You can also use Collagen Premium+ for longer periods to maintain normal skin.

Collagen Premium+ 175 g

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1 Ounce
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  • The product is made in Norway from fish skin (wild-caught, Norwegian cod). Neutral taste. Use Collagen Premium+ powder daily as part of a versatile diet and a healthy lifestyle. We recommend a daily intake of 1-2 tablespoons (5-10 g) in the first month. Then 1 tablespoon daily.

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